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Newly added to our portfolio we would love to introduce this charming property. With striking red and white paint, this house will be the perfect hangout place that will stick in everyone's mind. Eight bedrooms and four full baths, this spacious home has two kitchens on different floors as well as large living room with beautiful windows. Living with seven other people can definitely get cramped, but this house offers lots of extra space such as an extra built in closet, storage shelves near the stairs and a little area for an office or extra storage. This house has a mix of beautiful LVT flooring and carpet that creates a sense of warmth throughout the homes. The kitchens are absolutely darling, with the down stairs one having a gorgeous marble island and countertops, and the upstairs one having a few built in wall shelves and glass cabinet doors. On the first floor there is a very open dining area which is perfect for hosting family meals and enjoying the weekends with friends.

Floor plans coming soon!

 If you are interested in a tour please reach out the Contact Tab!


Per student per semester

  • Living Room
  • Dining Area
  • 2 Kitchens
  • Extra Closest

  • Office spaces
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